Episode 17

Visiting Shops Across America with Nate Winston

After being in the automotive industry for a while now, one word that comes to mind for me when describing us is COMMUNITY. Though it seems individualism ranks high in the traits of most of us, I’ve experienced that those in our community are incredibly willing to help one another out when called upon. But, how do you ask for help? How do you engage someone you want to connect with, and why is it so important to do that anyway? Our guest, Nate Winston, co-owner of ECP Auto Repair & Service in Ohio, will answer these important questions for us.  Nate has made a splash this year on Facebook by visiting nearly a dozen shops and recording his experiences through Facebook Lives. His recordings not only show his experiences, but they set an incredible example of what being in a community can look like. I enjoyed this interview and getting to know Nate… you will too.

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