Episode 39

The Real Reasons We Have A "Tech Shortage" with Lowell Greene

We've addressed the tech shortage topic from several angles here on the show, but this conversation truly surprised and inspired me. There are so many layers to the problem, so when you hear a unique perspective like the one you're about to hear, it brings a level of clarity that "obvious" answers just can't give you. This week's guest is Lowell Greene. Lowell is lifelong tech, a former shop owner, a business coach for Shop Fix Academy, and the creator of Tech Fix which launches on 7/1/2023. Lowell delivers some incredible insight and solutions to the problem which, though may be hard to hear for some, will inspire you to drive changes in your shop which will allow you to build a shop culture that increases hire and retention rates through the roof. If you want to be a part of the solution, stay tuned.

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