Episode 24

From Bartering Repairs for Pepsi to 3 Million in Sales with John Lonas

If you're a tech with a dream to open your own shop or an owner who is not seeing the success you dreamed of, then this episode is made especially for you. Today's guest, John Lonas of Autoworks Service and Repair in Prescott Valley, AZ, has one of the most genuine love for cars of anyone I've met. Sure he has his favorites, but John loves the freedom they create. He transformed this love into a successful career as a tech and then ventured into ownership. He struggled greatly in the beginning, even losing his first shop. On his second shop, many years in, he still found himself chained to the shop, just barely getting by and rarely able to cash his paychecks. At one point, his accountant called his shop the "Titanic." OUCH! John decided this had to change, so he started making critical decisions that dramatically changed his life. In this episode, John will explain what worked for him, who helped him do it, and what life is like now. This episode is truly inspiring. 

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