Episode 22

Finding Massive Breakthrough After 16 Years of Complacency with Fred Young

Complacency is a killer. It lulls us into a false sense of security by making us believe that our status quo is good enough or even a safe and prudent place to be. The problem with this mindset is that we shortchange our futures and ignore the possibility that we could be in an even better place. Sometimes it takes being shaken and woken up to see the truth. This happened to my guest Fred Young of Young Automotive in WI. By all counts, his shop was doing fine and cruising along for 16 years, but then he was awakened to the possibility that there was MORE --- more for him, his family, and those connected to his shop. He made some hard choices to break free and become a now growing and thriving business. If you feel like you need to get unstuck, then this is the episode for you!  

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Success Leaves Clues: An Automotive Industry Podcast